The winter of 2020, for me as much as for many people, was a long an uneventful one.

I wanted to do something with my free time, something positive, like volunteering. The first idea that came to my mind was teaching programming (Python) for free.

So I posted on Facebook that I would like to teach an online class that anyone can join. 15+ people replied, 10+ came to the first session. I planned the course for a 3-month long period, with two classes per week, one class lasting around 60 minutes. Admittedly this is not too much time, but it was still enough to cover a lot of the fundamentals.

4 people stuck with the course all the way, and I’m very proud of them.

Later, in 2021, I did the same, and again 3 people followed the course all the way til the end. I considered this a success.

In 2022 I started a new class and 2 people followed the course fully. Eager to learn, motivated folks. Now they know a lot of things about Python and computers in general - I’m very proud of them!

I always iterated on the methodology, the materials I used and the specific topics, and improvised quite a bit, so I don’t have any materials to share here. Overall it’s been a very good hobby and one that I’m somewhat proud of.

Written on July 4, 2022

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