The Joy of X

Steven Strogatz ★★★★★

Whoever you are, read this book. It will show you the fun side of mathematics, and will make you want more.

Your level of maths does not matter. The book has topics ranging from basic arithmetics through differential equations to statistics and big data. It not only mentions theoretical curiosities in number theory (such as whether the equation 1 = 0.999… is true or not), but also shows you how they are used in our everyday lives, from sports through biology to engineering.

I frequently felt a chill at the back of my neck while reading, and I often paused to digest the text - not because it’s so convoluted, but because it is so well written that it makes you stop and think about the world around you.

I love it, because it emphasizes those kind of things that make you realize how beautiful math is, without intimidating you, or making you feel inferior. It makes you crave for more.