The Fear Bubble

Ant Middleton ★★★★★

A good motivational book to read while travelling or waiting on an airport. An easy and entertaining read.

The author talks about how he tackled fear by imagining it as super-localised “bubbles” - as in, you really don’t have to fear anything unless you are in the fear bubble. And then in the fear bubble, you have to push through.

If it was a surprise how effectively this technique enabled me to manage extreme fear, it was an even bigger surprise to find that it actually made what had sometimes been a horrendous experience almost addictively enjoyable. There was no greater feeling than popping one of those bubbles by going out the other side of it.

It also writes about thinking about failure in a positive mindset.

The simple fact is, no matter who you are, every human life is full of failure. For the egotist, this means life is full of pain. But for the healthily prideful person, there’s not really any such thing as failure. Instead there are only learning experiences.