One Second After

William R. Forstchen ★★★★★

An interesting read which is hard to put down despite some of its annoying qualities.

Set in the charming small town of Black Mountain, NC, it tells the story of the locals after an EMP renders the whole continental US off the grid and total chaos ensues. The premise is thus really interesting and the small-town setting plays to its advantage.


What I didn’t like was the military aspect of it, somehow everyone seemed to be or have been to the military. Also, it struck me that the temporary town council promptly sentences a few drug addict looters to death (they stole some morpheine from a clinic), and executes them, yet the protagonist takes a hefty stash of the remaining insulin from the pharmacy and thus indirectly kills a few diabetics, but hey, it’s OK because it’s our hero and her daughter is also a struggling sweet diabetic. WTF?

Also, the use of weed for pain relief is still out of question because it’s breaking the law (this is after the execution of the druggies)…

I will likely read the sequels because it was still good read though, it was not afraid to be cruel and graphic, and it was just hard to put down in general.