It's all in your head

Suzanne O'Sullivan ★★★★★

A very interesting and highly recommended book about psychosomatic illness.

I was skeptical at first about the whole concept, but the book makes a great job at explaining the various aspects of psychosomatic illnesses and showing how prevalent they are.

It’s not exactly a cheerful read - there are few cases mentioned where the illness is cured.

One slightly negative point is that I’ve found the sections about the history of medical science pointless, but of course this is subject to personal taste. I’m not really interested in what people thought about the human body 200 years ago, or in the antiquity, as it was generally absolute total nonsense (like, “you have ghosts in your blood, you should do cocaine about it”). I understand these can be interesting from a socio-cultural perspective though - but I find that this topic (history of medicine) occupies too much in any book dealing with medicine.

In any case, great read, with lots of cases and personal stories. It left me with a feeling of wanting to take better care of not just my body but my mind as well.