Ayaan Hirsi Ali ★★★★★

An eye-opening, perspective-widening, gripping book that I could not put down. I can’t recommend it enough and I will definitely read more of Hirsi Ali’s books in the near future.

About the first half of the book deals with the childhood and early adulthood of Hirsi Ali in various East-African countries (Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Saudi-Arabia) and as one can imagine is depicting events which we would not want to imagine ever taking place.

The second half of the book comes as a relief after such a harsh upbringing - reading about how the author integrates to a Western life in the Netherlands is like a breath of fresh air. Later she gets involved in politics, and does various projects, one of which makes her a target for Muslim fundamentalists and she is forced to live with bodyguards and go hiding for extended periods.

The book tells events up until the time the author moves to the USA for a new job (where she later settles down due to various factors). I’m keen to read her more recent works as well.